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Mentoring Program

Awakening To Your Divine Potential ~ Mastery Series ~
At this time, the Courses are being offered in private, one on one sessions.
Times and dates are set up by individual appointment.
These Mentoring Courses are very powerful and life changing, being offered to you in this time of great awakening on the planet.

There are three course programs.
Course One ~ Awakening ~ Discovering Your Authentic Self 
                        (Beginning course)

Course Two ~ Divine Potential - Stepping Into Your Power 
                        (Intermediate course)

Course Three ~ Opening to Your Higher Dimensions ~ (Advanced course)
            Opening the Third Eye and the Eye of the Heart that sees all from the    
            Moment of Creation
Each Course is set up for six to nine sessions, depending on the rate of growth, with one session per week.  The first session of each course takes around one and a half hours. 
The remainder of the sessions will be 50 to 60 minutes long.  Each session builds upon the previous session. 

It is highly recommended that you first start with an Egyptian Emotional Clearing before starting the Course
and then have two additional clearings during the Course time, around the third and fifth weeks. 

During a week when an Emotional Clearing is experienced, you have the option to rest and integrate the shift
from the clearing and postpone the hour intensive to the following week. 

The Egyptian Emotional Clearings are not mandatory, especially if you live out of state.
You may choose to have a private Egyptian Emotional Clearing = cost $145
or be in a small Group Emotional Clearing = cost $85
Courses One and Two, first session = cost $165
Following sessions = $135 ~ All sessions including the EEC can be done in person or by phone.
Course One ~ Awakening ~ Discovering Your Authentic Self 
The first Course of the Spiritual Mentoring Program is focused on helping you become more aware of your Authentic self, your Higher self, your gifts, dreams and life path. 
Course Two ~ Divine Potential ~ Stepping Into Your Power ~
The second Course will bring to Light old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, activate every area of your life for forward movement and guide you into your personal power and direction of highest potential.
Course Three ~ Mastery of Self ~
Activations/Openings of Soul memory and Third Eye included.  During the course sessions you will open your awareness, open to channel for yourself and others, if you choose, and find your next steps and direction to Personal Fulfillment, Peace and Joy.

The first session of this Course = cost $185
Following sessions = $144 each
All methods of payment are accepted. 
Payments by credit cards are done through PayPal from this website.
Please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to know about these Courses.
Sending you Love and Light,

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