Marisha Diaz
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As a young girl growing up on a fruit ranch in Northern California, there were many warm nights that I sat outside alone, talking to the dark sky with twinkling stars.  Little did I know that the Angels were actually listening to my words and thoughts.  They were my companions.

In the summer of 1990, I had my first experience of visually connecting with an angel. Since that time, I have been known as "The Angel Lady".  Friends and family members could feel the angelic energies that seemed to be gliding along with me.

My life has been a deep and long journey balancing the 3-D world with the Spiritual world. I have studied and practiced a number of healing modalities, some of which you will see on this site.

My mission in life is to follow the call and guidance of Spirit, and to be a loving and authentic human being.  My passion is working with people who are ready to open up to their Divine Essence and Authentic Self and to find the path of a joyful life experience.

Every aspect of my belief system inspires access to Individual Wisdom and Inner Guidance, and I understand the importance of offering channels for others. The channeled information will neither predict the future nor tell a person how to act. Instead, the angelic channels are solely designed to point to the path of each person’s own Inner Wisdom and offer clarity.

The Angels are always with

        Reverend Marisha Diaz
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