Marisha Diaz
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           Integrating a Higher Level of Universal Laws

On January 1, 2014, I sat in meditation and asked my Guides to help me heal all of my relationships.  As some of you know, for the past seventeen years I have been an open channel for Higher Dimensional Masters and Angelic Beings.

Little did I know what was in store for me with asking for help with healing.  At that time my thoughts were about healing all relationships with family members, friends and acquaintances.  I did not think that the relationship with myself would also be included.  LOL...

I can tell you, although it has looked like these healings have been about others, I assure you, it has always been about healing within myself.
I will spare you the many stories that I could share.  And share the results of where I have arrived and integrated thus far.

"Our thoughts create our outer experience."  "Life on this 3D Earth is an illusion."
About our thoughts:  Whatever we think of, our perceptions/beliefs, become our reality.  
Surely you've heard of that one...

Some examples: If we believe that we are a victim, we create situations to prove that belief.  If we have become conditioned to believe that we are poor in abundance or health, that shows up in our 3D worldly experience.

About the 3D illusion: There is no separation.  We are all connected and are all One.  The 3D conditions us to think we are separate frrom each other.  None of which is true.

Now back to my story: The first six months or so of 2014, I was committed to healing whatever showed up that felt out of alignment for me.  (When I didn't feel good about something.)  And, I noticed that it was mostly showing up having to do with someone else and how I perceived or judged that person or interaction.  Big clue!!

Because of my awareness of this,  now I react less to how others are behaving/acting out. Sometimes I even quietly laugh at myself.  Because I know what is being shown to me on the outside is all about what is going on inside of me.  The only healing that I have power over is the healing within myself.  I have given up the desire to try to change others, to help me feel better about myself.

An example: Now when I perceive that someone is negative and suffering, I go into meditation and address that part of me that is being mirrored back, knowing that there is no separation between us.  Like magic within a short time, I notice a shift within myself and my thoughts about the person that held my attention within the illusion.

So think about areas of the illusion that you have a strong belief in.  "The bad guys out there."  Could anything outside of you simply be an illusion, if your True Essence is that of Love?  Could you offer that Essence of Love to all humanity and situations knowing that we are one and the same?

All healing begins and ends within our own illusion.
It is a beautiful and grand opportunity to allow ourselves to step up and out of the 3D illusion of separation based in ego and lift our perceptions to Love and Compassion for others and yes, especially for ourselves.

So, I offer these insights to you to try and you just might really be surprised.
I experience this as a constant practice.  I now experience feeling better about myself and life is easier and much more joyful.

Contact me anytime if you'd like to learn more or have questions about stepping up and out of 3D conditioning.  

I Love you all so much, after all, we are all part of the ONE.    Marisha 

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